Spring 2016

Spring 2016

Spring!  One of our most favorite seasons of the year is almost here.  Soon it will time to get out on the lake again feeling the wind and warm sun against our faces and seeing the blue sky.  This is the start of our busy season and we are currently working on new designs and building more inventory for 2016.  As you can see we are busy hand cutting parts for our next batch of tote bags.  We will be doing some in-store tests at a couple of our key retailers.  Hope your spring gets off to a great start as well!

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We love materials with a story or a history...or using materials in a different way than they were intended for...

And we are crazy about sailcloth, specifically, recycled sailcloth, coming from boats who have sailed the Great Lakes and seas.  Each sail is so unique, from color to stitching to grommets and details.  Some sails are bright white and others are creamier in tone and even some are more weathered and all can have weathered spots.  It's part of what makes them beautiful and fascinating to look at and think about the miles, the smiles and the weather they have endured.  We take great care and time to look at each sail, individually and hand cut the most interesting parts for each bag.  

Our sailcloth totes are just as unique as the sails themselves.  No two will ever be the same and there will be a range of details/stitching/color & weather spots.  The sails have tackled the water and now are made into totes for your everyday use!!!