Our Story

We are often asked how we chose our company name, Papage (pronounced Pa pa shh).  The truth is, it is a made up name that our oldest child called his pacifier.  His treasured pacifier brought him security and relaxation, it went everywhere with him.  Tim and I loved the creative name and what it represented to him so much that we decided to name our company Papagé.

Since then, we set out to create products that incoporate those same original Papagé principles (dependable, functional and creative) into each design.  Our inspiration comes from our travels both local and abroad.  Every product we create is designed in our studio and proudly assembled by highly skilled craftspeople in Wisconsin.  

The inspiration for our first product line came while on a family trip where we met a sailmaker, who shared with us the art of sailmaking and what happens to old sails once they were beyond repair.  To our surprise, they end up going to the landfill.  We thought this was such a sad ending to something that contributed to so many wonderful years of happy memories.  This made a big impression on us and we decided to do something about it, as the old sails we were shown still looked beautiful to us.

We have since established relationships with sailmakers, taking the old sails and creating our first line of sail bags.  Each sail we get is unique and it takes careful planning and an artisan eye to layout each piece we hand cut and sew into a finished bag.  Since launching the new line, it has been very fulfilling for us to have been able to give these sails a second chance at life, so that they can continue gain miles and make smiles.

We hope you enjoy our products!

Jen and Tim Peters